How to use

Don’t scoop the poop

InSure One uses a brush to collect a water-based sample, eliminating the need to handle your stool.

  • Collect in the comfort of your home
  • No need to take time off
  • No special prep needed
  • No dietary or medication changes

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How the process works

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Review kit and complete paperwork

First, you’ll want to open your kit, inspect the kit materials, and review the instructions. This is also a good time to complete any of the required paperwork. If you are more of a visual learner, you can watch our how-to video here, and if you still have questions call our team at (800) 531-3681.

Test kit with red slash circle


Don’t take the test if…

You have bleeding hemorrhoids or piles, blood in your urine, visible blood in the toilet bowl, it’s during or within three days of your menstruation, or you have bleeding cuts or wounds on your hands.

Toilet with flush handle pointed to


Prep toilet

Next, prep your toilet by removing any bluing or cleaning agents. You should also ensure your toilet bowl isn’t rusty and that your toilet does not use salt water. Water softeners are permitted. Flush twice before making your bowel movement.

Person sitting on toilet with discard instructions


Make bowel movement

After your bowel movement, place the toilet paper in one of the blue waste bags provided with the kit. Do not place any toilet paper in the toilet or flush the toilet after your bowel movement. Then pick up your test card and lift the flapped marked “Lift Here for Sample.”

Toilet bowl with brush instructions


Collect sample

Take one of the blue-handled brushes and brush around the stool for 5 seconds. Remove the brush and tap to remove excess water or stool. Tap surface of square 1 with water sample for about 5 seconds and repeat same process with second brush on square 2. Use second blue waste bag to discard both brushes into household trash.

Test kit with labeling instructions


Label, package, and ship

Take the completed label and use it to reseal the flap. Place your test card and additional paperwork inside the provided envelope. Seal the envelope and return it to the indicated lab or medical office by mail or personal delivery. Your test should be returned within 24-hours after collection to process within the 14-day window.

Doctor speaking with patient

Understanding your results

Your Healthcare Provider should have your results within or around 14 business days and you must follow-up with your doctor if you receive a “positive” test result. Note, this test does not replace a physical exam by your doctor.

A “negative” test result means blood was not found in the sample; however, colorectal lesions may bleed intermittently and blood may not be uniformly distributed in or on the stool, so a negative test result may occur even when a gastrointestinal disease is present. Failure to follow the test instructions could affect the test results.

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